Wauter van der Loos (1980) lives and works in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. He is an autodidactic artist, known for his mixed media pieces. Wood, metal and waste are materials he prefers to work with. An important theme in his work is the creation of order in chaos, and creating new life out of discarded materials. The idea of ‘rich decay’ derives from the belief that beauty is connected to age.
By making art of everyday products, Van der Loos gives them a second life. While others see these objects as trash and want to get rid of them, the artist makes them his own and creates esthetic pieces. Neither to make a statement nor simply for visualizing the idea of ‘creating art out of an everyday object’, but because he wants to create something beautiful and show the beauty of these objects. Objects that already have lived a life, and look the way they do because of external influences. The beauty of the decay is shown, and through that, honored. By exalting the objects in works of art, Van der Loos is able to stop the decay. The materials the artist works with do not need anything except order and framing. With this process, the artist is able to hold on to the things that once were and keeps control over them. It’s about closing something as well as keeping it alive. And about a new shape, seen from a different point of view.

The creative process is just as important for the artist as the final result. In this process, Van der Loos can find the order he is looking for. By creating symmetric and repetitive artworks the chaos reduces and the tranquility increases. This transformation cannot be made through the act of painting. With paint you only come close compared to the colors and patterns that arise in making something of used objects. The same applies for rust, another element Van der Loos likes to work with.

Written by Anne Oosterveer, art advisor
2021  De Rode Loper, Leeuwarden
2020 De Rode Loper, Leeuwarden
2019 Galerie Westerkade, Leeuwarden
2018 Galerie Westerkade, Leeuwarden
2017 Galerie Heechsicht, Indijk
2016 TheReSales, Groningen
2015 Haven, Wyns
2015 Farsk Design, Leeuwarden
2014 Open Atelierroute, Leeuwarden
2014 Kunstroute, Grou
2014 Jonker Sikke, Jellum
2014 Atelier Van Henken, Leeuwarden
2014 It Grytmanshûs, Leeuwarden